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“Thank you” seems so small Pastor Ron.

What an honor to witness this day!! Rock Church, we are well on our way to something HUGE. We’re right behind you Pastor Bryan.

Lisa Matthews had a profound comment on my last post written by Tim Stevens. Check this out:

You are right PM, I feel blessed that I have a second chance at this parenting thing. It allowed me to have an awakening. Our children are not perfect. We must always be on the alert. Once your child hits middle school you may as well not exist. As a parent we have to build a strong foundation, stuff in as many knowledge nuggets you can. God demands it. I made a few mistakes with my older two and I will or have made a few with the last three but they all know God and that is important. My eldest once told me she did not do something because she remembered a conversation we had about it and when this happened she HEARD my voice telling her how it might affect her. Always play with your children, always let them know they are more important than the phone, TV, or computer by spending quality time with them and yes…get out the toys and play in the dirt or on the floor but remember to play……because when they become tweens, if their friends are around, no matter how cool we think our children think we are, they will not want us to play anymore.

Thanks Lisa!

Hey, if you’re a parent check out this post by Tim Stevens. It’s quite staggering but sounds pretty accurate.

…which I must say is a pleasant alternative. I’m 2 weeks into married life now and loving it. I’m not trying to brag or anything but I’m pretty sure I married the best girl EVER!! If girls were fireworks, Jen would be the grand finale hands down. Yesterday I came to the break room at work, reached in the fridge, pulled out a tupperware container and for the first time in my life I got to say “My wife made me lunch!”

Leading up to marriage I found myself hearing more of “what to look out for” versus “what to look forward to.” While I know I am extremely green in this whole marriage thing, I’ve found that worrying about the inadequacies, the fears, and the what-if’s is nothing but a waste of time. After all it’s not like I can do anything about them. All I can do is enjoy life, enjoy my wife, and pray for strength when the hard times come. I should go now, I HAVE A WIFE WAITING FOR ME AT HOME!!

…to be 12 days away from the biggest day of your life.

It feels so strange to have an actual visible date on a calendar marking the day that your life will be changed forever; A countdown to the life-as-you-know-it coming to an end. I go through my everyday routine now thinking about each of the little things that will change in 12 days. “Will I ever have access to my bathroom sink again?” “What if I snore and no one’s ever told me?” “Where will I put my clothes?” “Will she be concerned that I sleep with a teddy bear named snuffles?” Just kidding about that last one… his name is actually giggles. I’ve learned that there are a few ways I can prepare for marriage and yet a world of ways I can’t. I’m seeing more and more God’s fingerprints all over this marriage thing in the sense that I can be wise and prepare as much as possible but at some point it’s time to just take a flying leap. I am overwhelmed that God went through 28 years of aligning two totally separate lives in completely different circumstances to meet in church on a Sunday morning only one seat apart. To think that He did all of that without my insight and my planning gives me hope that He has the next 28-plus years well thought out.

Any thoughts from you wise married folk? And single too?

… I discovered the scanner didnt work on items that are priceless 🙂

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Long story short:

– Guys trip this weekend to Boone – my brother has to pick up a Land Rover to be stored at his house. – he can’t drive a stick so I was chosen – we discover its a ’65 model – no seat belts, air vents are slats that open to the outside, no mirrors, incredibly loose gear shift (all combined with mountain roads) – made it half way and it gave out on an incline – me, ben, kyle, tyler, and earl ended up having to push the tank up a hill


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These moments were captured by Millie Holloman, the greatest photographer known to man!


Let it load completely for the full effect. Bring on the comments!!

Everything we do around the office here just seems to make us think about you. Come home soon 🙂

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“Shake Well. Settling is natural.” I spotted these common instructions on the side of my Blueberry Bolthouse Juice bottle as I went for another sip. They caught my eyes this time though, I guess because they were supposed to. It seemed like one of those accidental revelations, the kind you dismiss as being far too effortless for the Almighty. “Shake Well. Settling is natural,” I repeated it out loud several times while driving down College road. I spoke each of these five words slowly to allow them time to sink below the surface of my thick skull. “What is natural really?” I thought. Since Webster wasn’t around I resorted to Matthew’s non-collegiate definition.

Natural is what happens when nothing happens.

“Webster would be proud,” I thought. At the bottom of my bottle of juice was the result of nothing happening, a thick, solid, dark blue film of natural-ness. Obviously this lazy blue sludge turned my attentions to the state of my own life. I don’t really consider myself lazy – at least not all the time – but I do think I settle entirely too often in life. But hey, it’s natural right?

As with most of my profoundly simple revelations I like to stretch them out as far as possible. I like to think it gives me the illusion of intellect, besides we all know that complicated stuff has so much more validity. “Why do I shake up the juice before drinking it?” I quizzed myself. “Ooh I know this one!” I said. “Because within that solid sediment lies the flavor that I paid way to much money not to enjoy.” And that, young Watson, is why I shake the juice. What does it profit anyone if I have all the truth in the world but it’s never shaken up? An unshaken bottle of juice paints a clear picture of an unused “Follower of Christ.” It is both natural and comfortable for us to allow all that we learn in Christ to settle to the bottom. The result is a life void of flavor and color, the kind of life that grossly misrepresents it’s creator. Maybe you’ve been sitting on the shelf for a while. Maybe it’s time to stop settling for what’s natural. It may be time to Shake Well.

There is this place that I go when the music peaks

Where many have entered and few wish to leave

A place where cares fall behind the lids of my eyes

And the noise in the room is out of focus but beautiful

There is a door that opens to a world of reprieve

With a smile and a pardon and a moment to be free

In this place I’m given wings to soar over death

And a grace to love until there’s nothing left

My escape to this place is often shortly lived

But my return is life with a purpose for breath

I was made for this world where there is strength for the weak

And I was born to live forever where the music peaks

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