From Mark 3:1-6

God is doing something big but we can’t see it because we’re too distracted by the fact that He’s not doing it our way. Many times we walk into a church with preconceived ideas about what’s going to happen based on what we’ve experienced or heard elsewhere. Do we come before God with a fresh perspective EVERY time? Do we allow God to blow our minds? Most churches have to work their way out of a severe deficit in our minds before we even walk through the door. What if everyone who came in expected God to do something they’d never seen before? In Mark 2:6-11 Jesus was prepared to do amazing things but instead of having the freedom to simply let God come out, He first had to address the cynicism and scrutiny in the room. Do you believe your thoughts are harmless because no one can hear them audibly? RE-NEWing our mind doesn’t just mean taking away destructive thoughts, it means getting rid of preconceived ideas, past methods, old experiences and making them NEW again. This idea of making ‘old things new’ is reflected throughout scripture. We often come before God with stale mindsets expecting something fresh. If we know that God is infinite in His creativity and newness then why don’t our expectations show it? When God’s thoughts on a matter simply echo your own, there’s a problem. Is what you’re seeing really a check in your Spirit or a check in your flesh? Which is more important, you changing your mind or God changing His ways?
The amazing thing that happens in verses 3-5 is Jesus doesn’t tip-toe or detour around the obvious ‘old mindsets’ in the room but instead confronts them head on. He actually called the crippled man to stand in front so all of them could see plainly what was about to happen. Then He addressed the stale minds in the room and healed the man for all to see. The stale-minds immediately left the room offended and went and tattled on Jesus. They could not partake of the miraculous power of Jesus because they had already made up their minds about how He should work. To top it all off, they left the church and spread their offense. Wow!