If you start something, finish it. If you commit, see it through. Having passion about something isn’t the indicator that God is in it. We are creatures who naturally respond to passion and zeal. We are quick to attribute God’s presence and approval to the things we feel excited about. Imagine the opportunities God has had to lose motivation and excitement in the work He’s doing in us. God was thrilled at the thought of bringing us into close relationship with Him, but what if He had thrown in the towel when He realized it would cost Him His Son? We give Him countless reasons to give up on His work in us and yet we see that He is always faithful to carry it out to completion (Philippians 1:6).

We start a lot of things out of pure excitement and quit a lot of things at the first sign of opposition. What if the lesson God has for you in your passionate pursuits isn’t in it’s success but it’s failure? What we call failure God may call success. The all-important question is, “Did God tell you to start it?” If He did, then He should also be the one to tell you to stop it, not your feelings of disappointment or lack of motivation. You should expect every God-ordained venture to have valleys and peaks. Anybody can hang out on the peaks where the view is breathtaking, but the valleys are where the gold is formed. God isn’t nearly as interested in your ability to start as He is in your will to finish.