I went to Red Robin’s tonight with quite a big appetite. I sat at the bar and placed my burger order and asked my waiter if the fries came out before the burger or with it. He said, “Usually with it but I can bring you some now,” and of course I said, “Awesome.” When the fries came I was so hungry I found it hard not to eat the whole basket. The whole time I was telling myself, “there’s better food on the way.” When the burger got there it was delicious, or at least half of it was. I was way to full to finish the main course because I filled up on fries.

There’s so many opportunities in this world to quiet our appetites on cheap fillers instead of waiting for the main course. When the main course comes, we look at the fillers with pure disdain because we know it wasn’t worth it. We fill our time with things that have no lasting value simply because they’re appealing for the moment. Are you filling up on appetizers or waiting for the main course.