About the feeding of the 5000 in MARK 6:

Verses 30-34 (The disciples have just reunited with Jesus after their first ministry tour without Him. They’ve also just shared the news of John the Baptists death with Jesus. They’re sad, tired, hungry and full of stories.)

Q: At what point did Jesus (w/ the disciples) draw the line between doing ministry and needing rest?

Q: How did the disciples feel about taking a detour from their ‘Retreat’ to do more ministry? (keep in mind they had just returned from doing an entire ministry tour apart from Jesus)

Verses 35-38 (The disciples appear so ‘done’ with the crowd at this point and they’re ready to get back to their retreat. To think they only came up with 5 loaves & 2 fish in a crowd of 5000 people makes me wonder how hard they really looked. They must’ve thought, ‘If we don’t find enough food for the whole crowd, maybe Jesus will just tell them to go home.’)

Q: What made feeding the bellies of 5000 people more important to Jesus than spending much needed time with His disciples?

Q: Why do you think Jesus picked this time of all times (when the disciples were tired from ministry) to teach the disciples a lesson?

Q: If it was a creative miracle, couldn’t Jesus have just created bread from thin air? Why did Jesus tell the disciples to go look for bread?

Verses 39-44

Q: Why did Jesus have the disciples separate the crowd into groups?

Q: Would’nt it have saved time if Jesus, after blessing and breaking the bread, had just made it appear in the hands of the crowd? Why did He have the disciples hand it to the people?