So I’m sitting here in Starbucks minding my own business when an asian lady at the condiment bar starts speaking to the manager in a raised tone. It seemed to me like a civil conversation until the lady started yelling  at the manager, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a civil yell. The lady started spitting out some serious verbal abuse and at one point called the manager a racist. At that point the manger just walked to the back so as not to escalate the situation. The lady proceeded to lean over the counter shouting, “Yeah, go ahead, run back there and hide.” Finally the lady left after I threw a scalding cup of coffee on her. Totally kidding about that coffee part 🙂 I did however have thoughts of doing something like that under the guise of an accident because I wanted to relieve the pressure from the manager.

Turns out this lady has been coming in several times a day over the past week ordering a double shot of espresso and an extra vente cup of ice on the side. She would then proceed to the condiment bar, fill the extra cup with milk and mix in the espresso. Basically the end result would be a Vente Iced Latte for the price of 2 shots of espresso, aka. she was a cheapskate. 

If you’ve been trying that little trick at Starbucks, please don’t be that person.