Lisa Matthews had a profound comment on my last post written by Tim Stevens. Check this out:

You are right PM, I feel blessed that I have a second chance at this parenting thing. It allowed me to have an awakening. Our children are not perfect. We must always be on the alert. Once your child hits middle school you may as well not exist. As a parent we have to build a strong foundation, stuff in as many knowledge nuggets you can. God demands it. I made a few mistakes with my older two and I will or have made a few with the last three but they all know God and that is important. My eldest once told me she did not do something because she remembered a conversation we had about it and when this happened she HEARD my voice telling her how it might affect her. Always play with your children, always let them know they are more important than the phone, TV, or computer by spending quality time with them and yes…get out the toys and play in the dirt or on the floor but remember to play……because when they become tweens, if their friends are around, no matter how cool we think our children think we are, they will not want us to play anymore.

Thanks Lisa!