…to be 12 days away from the biggest day of your life.

It feels so strange to have an actual visible date on a calendar marking the day that your life will be changed forever; A countdown to the life-as-you-know-it coming to an end. I go through my everyday routine now thinking about each of the little things that will change in 12 days. “Will I ever have access to my bathroom sink again?” “What if I snore and no one’s ever told me?” “Where will I put my clothes?” “Will she be concerned that I sleep with a teddy bear named snuffles?” Just kidding about that last one… his name is actually giggles. I’ve learned that there are a few ways I can prepare for marriage and yet a world of ways I can’t. I’m seeing more and more God’s fingerprints all over this marriage thing in the sense that I can be wise and prepare as much as possible but at some point it’s time to just take a flying leap. I am overwhelmed that God went through 28 years of aligning two totally separate lives in completely different circumstances to meet in church on a Sunday morning only one seat apart. To think that He did all of that without my insight and my planning gives me hope that He has the next 28-plus years well thought out.

Any thoughts from you wise married folk? And single too?