“Shake Well. Settling is natural.” I spotted these common instructions on the side of my Blueberry Bolthouse Juice bottle as I went for another sip. They caught my eyes this time though, I guess because they were supposed to. It seemed like one of those accidental revelations, the kind you dismiss as being far too effortless for the Almighty. “Shake Well. Settling is natural,” I repeated it out loud several times while driving down College road. I spoke each of these five words slowly to allow them time to sink below the surface of my thick skull. “What is natural really?” I thought. Since Webster wasn’t around I resorted to Matthew’s non-collegiate definition.

Natural is what happens when nothing happens.

“Webster would be proud,” I thought. At the bottom of my bottle of juice was the result of nothing happening, a thick, solid, dark blue film of natural-ness. Obviously this lazy blue sludge turned my attentions to the state of my own life. I don’t really consider myself lazy – at least not all the time – but I do think I settle entirely too often in life. But hey, it’s natural right?

As with most of my profoundly simple revelations I like to stretch them out as far as possible. I like to think it gives me the illusion of intellect, besides we all know that complicated stuff has so much more validity. “Why do I shake up the juice before drinking it?” I quizzed myself. “Ooh I know this one!” I said. “Because within that solid sediment lies the flavor that I paid way to much money not to enjoy.” And that, young Watson, is why I shake the juice. What does it profit anyone if I have all the truth in the world but it’s never shaken up? An unshaken bottle of juice paints a clear picture of an unused “Follower of Christ.” It is both natural and comfortable for us to allow all that we learn in Christ to settle to the bottom. The result is a life void of flavor and color, the kind of life that grossly misrepresents it’s creator. Maybe you’ve been sitting on the shelf for a while. Maybe it’s time to stop settling for what’s natural. It may be time to Shake Well.