With FlipSide on Wednesday nights and the offices closed on Fridays, my Thursdays are priceless. I spend Monday to Wednesday preparing for FlipSide and Thursday’s I get to let out a long sigh of relief that I’ve made it yet another week without completely messing up everything 🙂 Of course that sigh lasts only through the first couple hours of the morning before it’s time to prepare for 2Xtreme (10-12 yr olds) on Sunday.

Last night I began our new series in FlipSide called “I’m an Idiot.” I told the teens that sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder if God picked the wrong person to do what I do. Like Gideon, at times I feel like God discovered a weak man in hiding and decided to use him for great things. There is no method to God when it comes to the people He chooses. He seems so often to zero in on the weakest and the least. In the words of Perry Noble:

“If you’re nothing but an ordinary person God can and will use you. If you’re saying, ‘well what if I’m not just an ordinary person?’ God can use you too, He’ll just have to mess you up first.”

The word ‘Ordinary,’ used in Acts 4:13 to describe how the council perceived Peter & John comes from the same root that we get our english word ‘Idiot.’

If you’re an Idiot, you’re in prime position to be used by God. Have you embraced your ‘Idiot-ness’ today?