Well today was a fun day for MPR.  first he came into the offices and did stuff i don’t know about because…. I wasn’t here so just make up anything you want.  But once I got to the offices this is what went down.  First he came back from a lunch date (MPR just lied to me) which I heard was a hottie…but i don’t know.  The we took down that massive cross that was on the stage.  And he was wearing this shirt i personally didn’t like but oh well.  After that we got the vans washed and came back to the church and filmed a video.   which was awesome by the way.  Then jesus showed up and we had a party.  After that MPR worked on editing the videos and i spent the rest of the day wasting time and typing this blog.  I know you’re jealous of me but thats ok….cause I’m just cool like that.  well thats all i got to say about that.

Soap and Cheese,

Matthew Forstner