You sing and you dance as though you’ve only one chance

But the music ended long ago

And there’s this thing in your smile that I struggle to place

As if you move to a rhythm unknown

You toss me a glance that says come now and dance

I look around to make sure it was me

But I’m just stalling because I know if I stand

I’ll have to be the man that You see

The problem here is you’re the only one dancing

And everyone else has taken a seat

And while they look at You now I know if I come

Who knows the man that they’ll see

You turn and keep dancing but your thoughts are on me

And mine are a mess for the night

You’ve invaded my world with one single look

And if I sit here I know that I’ll die

My glass is now empty but I still hold it firm

Like the limb on the edge of this cliff

I close my eyes. I put my glass to the table

And leave my seat to the fear that is left

The heads in the room with a synchronized turn

Sling stares like their killing a foe

But I take every hit like a slap on the wrist

For your eyes have silenced the blows

There is nothing on earth quite as great as the way

You look past the outside of me

Through the fear & the failure, the pride & the pain

To the man that you’ve always seen