“To be as good as our fathers we must be better. Imitation is not discipleship.” – Wendell Philips

I don’t have a clue who Wendell Philips is but thanks Wendell!

Imagine what life would be like if mankind never progressed, if all we ever did was equally match our predecessors. I often look at different elements of the leaders in my life and wonder if I’ll ever actually reach the place where they are. The idea of reaching the level of those who have gone before us is an amazing goal until you realize that God’s plan is for us to actually surpass them. Jesus didn’t just say, “You can do the things I did.” He went a step further and said, “You can do those things and GREATER.” I once heard a man pray that his ceiling would be the next generations floor. This was the first time I saw a clear picture of how Christ intended discipleship to be – a gradual passing of the baton.

Everyone of us have experienced something in life, whether good or bad, that has gained us truth by experience. To Disciple is to put what we’ve learned in other people and help them run with it. The scriptures say, “knowledge puffs up but love edifies.” As we gain knowledge and truth it is our duty to pass it on for the growth of those we love. Otherwise we’ll just puff up and explode. And nobody likes to explode, right?