So last night after our staff Christmas party I went to see the movie “I Am Legend” at Mayfaire with Jennifer and 2 other good friends. Afterwards we had reservations at a classy little joint called Waffle House for some late night coffee and hashbrowns smothered and chunked. After finishing our healthy meal I headed home, went upstairs, de-accesorized and much to my chagrin  found that I was iPhoneless. Fortunately I was able to remain calm enough to dial 911. Not really, but I felt like it. My first course of action was to search my truck which lacks an interior light. Nothing. I then called Waffle House to see if they had spotted it. Nothing there. I hopped in my truck and went back to the only other place it could be – the theater. They were closed and for some reason none of my keys worked on their door. I was unable to come in through the ventilation shaft without triggering the alarm so I decided to wait it out till morning.

I woke up this morning, wished myself a happy birthday, and picked up right where I left off at my pity party from the night before. “God, I’ve already had to buy a new car this month. Today is the first day of my vacation as well as my birthday, and I feel like crap because of this stupid cold. And now I’ve lost my flippin’ iPhone!! Are you serious!?” To which He answered… well… nothing. I walked out to get in my truck only to see it blow up in a cloud of fire before my eyes. Alright maybe not, but I half expected it too. I went to see my Mom who of course had made me some homemade chicken noodle soup because nothing cures a cold like mom’s soup. I felt like doing nothing but sitting in her living room and pouting. So I did. Inspite of me, she continued to be her incredible mom self. It didn’t take long though before she ever so subtly reminded me where my trust should be.

That’s pretty much all that it took to give me a glimpse at how selfish I was being. It’s so easy to preach to others about trusting God and fighting to find His purpose in every situation, but it can be hell to walk it out. I left her house heading for the theater to check the seats. While in my truck I began talking to God and singing my heart to Him. Before long my momentary affliction began to pale in His faithfulness and finally I reached a point where it no longer mattered if I found the phone.

Right then, my eyes caught the edge of my iPhone in the small storage compartment below my tape deck. The point that we lose control is most often the point that we find God.