“We’ll take your car Jen. Actually, why don’t we go ahead and take mine so we can connect the iPod.”

Those were my simple words that turned an ordinary day into one for the books. About 35 miles east of Raleigh I felt a sudden noticeable shift in the way my car was driving. I looked behind me to see that I was leaving a lovely trail of smoke. I immediately pulled over and coasted to the bottom of the nearest exit ramp as my car lost power. Without the competing sound of a purring engine I could clearly hear the White Stripes blaring ever so mockingly as if to say, “Hey at least you have your iPod!” It was shaping up to be an amazing day.

Thanks to an Amex card with roadside assistance we were able to get a tow truck on site within an hour. By “we” I mean myself and Jen who of course never lost her cool. We decided that when life gives you lemons, you throw them at passing by cars out of pure rage. No not really, I guess you could say we made some lemonade. Much to our delight, I found I’d left my Travel Scrabble game, which we’ve conveniently titled “Trabble,” in the back floor board for just such occasions.

As we waited I thought to myself, “It can’t be to bad, surely it’s just a broken belt.”

Oh that it were just a broken belt!

Our tow truck driver was a very friendly guy from Dunn, NC whose neck was rather red. He entertained us with the $2 dollar tour of the quaint little town of Meadow, which in my 23 years in NC, I’ve never heard of. This could get really long so I’ll go ahead and just give you the highlights.

– Jen called her Mom to come from Raleigh, pick us up and bring us into town. Obviously the kind of “Mom-meets-man” impression every guy dreams of. “Hey, I’m Matthew, the guy who just got your daughter stranded on the side of I40 and towed to a back country, confederate lovin’ car garage. I’d shake your hand but there’s grease on mine”

– What I thought would be a broken belt was actually a blown head gasket costing me $2000 and leaving my car useless until Monday. MERRY CHRISTMAS MATTHEW!!

– Jen’s mom was obviously incredible, not unlike her daughter. She brought us to the Crabtree mall where we window shopped till our hearts were content. She then treated us to PF Changs.

Somewhere among a good game of Scrabble, $2000 car troubles, the best of company, and my faithful God I found the makings of an amazing day. From Gods perspective I imagine this day was nothing more than another test, and I believe we passed. The troubles of the day paled in comparison to the memories made and the victories won.

Thank you God.

Thank you Jen.

Thank you tow truck man for the free tour of Meadow, NC.

ps. anyone expecting huge gifts from me this Christmas, you’ll find them under the hood of my car 🙂 Love ya.