I Just pulled into Charlotte to do a wedding shoot. There’s something about spending 3.5 hours on 74 west that sends me into deep thoughts about God and life. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m strapped in with no where else to go and nothing else to do but think. I like to think. I mean the kind of thinking that happens when you do it intentionally. I don’t do it as much as I should. Atleast I don’t think I do 🙂

What If we painted a picture of Jesus on canvas that included all of the characteristics that we personally attribute to Him? I wonder how much different my Jesus would look than yours. Would they even look similar? There would be so many different variables on our palettes that I wonder if our Jesus’ would even recognize each other. Sure the bible is loaded with some concrete stuff about Jesus but what about the things we pick up through experience? So much of how we walk out our lives is tied to the times we live in. I think we’d all agree that Jesus is timeless though, right? “Who He is” never changes. It is so difficult at times to dig my way through the sludge and mire of my culture to find that unchanging, essential Jesus that has managed to thread His way through countless ages of cultures.

Jesus is not the sum of my pains and pleasures. He’s not defined by my gains and losses in life or even my church experiences. There is a continuity to the character of Jesus that provides a much needed stability to a very unstable mankind. We would do well not to limit our paintings of Jesus only to the colors we’ve seen.

Paint me a word picture of Jesus using 10 words. I’m curious to see how yours looks. Make it interesting, try NOT to use christianese 🙂