Just finished a delightful pizza with pickles, eggs, corn, peas, mushrooms, ham and cheese. hmmmm, tasty. Now I’m about to go to bed. The dreams should be interesting to say the least. 3 more days and we’re back on U.S. soil. I spoke last night at a youth gathering in Lovech, Bulgaria and had an awesome time. The teens here are not so different from those in the states, with a few exceptions. I hate to leave these people that I’ve grown to love in such a short amount of time, as well as the coffee I grew to love at first sip. I know we have had an impact on them, but it seems impossible that their impact on us could be any less. I miss you all and look forward to sitting around and sharing stories of Bulgaria with the people I love and a short espresso in my hand 🙂 I’ll leave you with one simple thought, appreciate everything you have, but don’t ever let it define who you are. Love you all.

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