Thanks for all your comments!! I think thats a… yep, thats a tear forming in my eye. I’m touched. So I am at my third hotel in the mountains of Bulgaria and I’m using the office computer in the hotel 🙂 Hopefully the nice little Bulgarian lady doesn’t come and kick me out. If she does, I won’t understand a word of it. All is going well. Our hotel has an incredible view of the Baltic  Mountains. I can’t talk long, so I’ll just say, God’s doing some amazing stuff here and our timing for coming could not have been any better. I would send you another picture or video but this computer is slow as molasses. I think it’s dial up. Just imagine a 4×6 frame of about 30 laughing candid faces in front of the bluest skies, ice capped mountains, a well kept bean shaped pool and a bunch of demitasses filled with the best espresso and perfect crema. Hopefully you get the picture. Love you all.

My AIM name is mrayphotography if anyone gets the urge to chat online. Won’t be able to chat until tomorrow night my time (6 hours ahead).