Alright so no one commented on my last blog. That’s cool though, I’m not bitter… really… I’m not… I’M NOT, OKAY?! Maybe I’ll have better luck this time (subtle hint).

John Daigle spoke this morning at the church in Lovech, Bulgaria and I got to meet all the lovely Bulgarians. They nod forwards for “no” and sideways for “yes.” This could get depressing next Saturday when trying to get a read on how they enjoyed my message. Have I mentioned I’m thinking about moving here because of the coffee? It’s MAGNIFICENT, and I don’t use that word often. For you literalists, I’m not really thinking about moving. I better get off now, we’re heading to minister at a Gypsie church nearby, WOOHOO! Gypsies need Gesus to right? (I really hope ya’ll got that)

Hope church was awesome this morning! love you all.