I’ll believe it when I see it

But if I see it will I need it

Or will it all just be a waste

A man so geared to dream

Believing life’s not what it seems

Wanting to swallow not just taste

Am I so blind to ask the time

As if the time was ever mine

And give false hope to my control

Or does the schedule that I keep

Look at me with tongue and cheek

As if to say “it’s cute you know?”

Who am I in light of Him

And what is He if life is me

But a god within my reach

And could I be so bold to say

It’s merely chance that I was made

And still find hope enough to breathe

I am more than filling space

Meant for more than a carrot chase

I am spirit wrapped in flesh

And to think that He is closed

Within the walls of what I know

Is purely madness nothing less