Was I ever really strong enough

Or silver tongued to the turning of heads

Have I ever made them move an inch

Or awakened the sinful dead

Have angels ever wished they were me

With arms instead of wings

Trading gray hair for their halo’s

And a song they must fight to sing

You avow me as an only child

And fight hell for who I’ll be

Looking as though you never doubt

That I’m precisely what You see

How did I get to this place in Your heart

Where kings have never tread

Where dreams I thought were torn apart

Were only growing in Your head

How did I come to the front of your thoughts

While giving in so often to mine

It’s like nothing I could possibly to know

And yet all I was meant to find

You are over the top in all that You are

Insanely right in all that You do

Your bottomless love like counting the stars

As endless to me as the depths of You