… I have the greatest group of teens on earth!

We had a blast this weekend at the Call, from the ungodly hour we left to the grateful hour we returned. I was so impressed with how our teens responded to the event. In spite of temperatures in the mid 90’s under a mostly cloudless sky, the young people pressed through and engaged in the day of fasting, worship and prayer. We arrived at the stadium at 7am. 11 hours later, after much lathering of the spf 45, consuming bottles of sun-warmed water and wiping away pints of sweat, we left our coveted stage-front spot on LP field and headed for showers in the cool of our hotel. Many of our teens broke their fast that night on a much deserved dinner at TGI Fridays. A curfew was pretty much pointless that night in light of the fact that most of them were struggling to keep from falling asleep in their mashed potatoes over dinner. We awoke the next morning to begin our eventful starbucks laden, memory making, picture taking, 13 hour trek back home. We got back right at the time we had planned.

As I turned off my lamp last night, fell into my pillow, and stared at the ceiling with heavy eyes, all I could say was, “Thank you Lord.” He knew exactly what I meant.