For a sec I saw

my speck of a self

Seemingly sick

but somehow well

Internally bleeding

from a seed of greed

With a need to believe

I was conceived as free

My purpose the point

to playing the part

Though purple this face

in placing my heart

Looking for love

in the lust of this life

Longing to belong

to a loving wife

Who will dig for treasure

in the depths of my sea

And find my pleasures

never the measure of me

I’ve followed and led,

swallowed and bled

Hollowed some places

and left them for dead

I’ve dreamed in the night,

screamed in the day

Foreseen a plight

and careened anyway

It is by hope I know

that I cope and I grow

And rise from below

by the grace that He shows

Outrageous, contagious

and in stages He loves

Courageously raging

with a passion for us

But a breath to the death

what I do is what is left

With my best to the test

He’ll attest to the rest