Ever noticed how a single happy stewardess can turn an average flight into a great flight?

I’m currently hovering high over Raleigh on my way to New Hampshire to photograph a wedding. I noticed today, as I often do in airports, that there is an unsaid leave-me-alone-and-let-me-get-where-I’m-going mentality that seems to keep everyone tense and closed. Being as my nature is to engage people and cause a smile on an otherwise gloomy demeanor, I look for opportunities to take people off guard. While boarding the plane, one of the stewardesses, a young woman with an apparent love for her job, made a few lighthearted gestures to some of the passengers. The effect was not unlike that of a DMV employee extending a hug before renewing your tags. Immediately the flight became ten times as comfortable, in spite of the fact that my six-four frame was in a forced fetal position due to the lack of leg room. The passengers actually laughed and unwittingly found themselves giving way to a less professional posture.

As John Fuller noted in a recent blog, “I have also found that by showing some heart felt kindness and patience is one of the best ways to get people to give you discounts…” Take time today to surprise someone with an odd and unwarranted gesture of love. That is after all our purpose in life, to be the love of Christ to a world that has a hard time seeing it. Who knows, you might just find someone blogging about you.