What do you get when you cross the Sabbath day, a wounded man, a handful of skeptics, and Jesus? You get a lovely opportunity for Jesus to ruffle some feathers. I’m referring to Luke 6:6-11.

Let me set the scene – Jesus was teaching as He did so well on an average Sabbath day. Among the crowd was a man with a messed up hand who didn’t necessarily come to get healed (the bible doesn’t say whether he came for the teaching or the healing). Also among the crowd was a band of idiots (aka. the Pharisee’s). The bible is clear on why they came, and it wasn’t for the teaching or the healing. They just wanted to see Jesus slip up. Jesus overheard the Pharisee’s thoughts, that’s right their thoughts not their words, and decided to change up the order of service a bit just for them. He calls up the messed up hand guy, looks at the cynics and says, “Let me ask you one question: What kind of action suits the Sabbath best? Doing good or doing evil? Helping people or leaving them helpless?”I imagine at this point the rest of the crowd, who weren’t exactly hearing peoples thoughts, wondered why the sudden shift in the service. Meanwhile the red-faced Pharisee’s were probably looking for an exit.

Jesus asked this simple question to which no one had a response. After allowing them a chance to answer, He healed His object lesson. The Pharisee’s then did what they did best… they got outraged. Why?! If they were justifiably outraged why didn’t they engage Jesus in a debate while the floor was open? They were outraged, not because they had a valid argument but because they looked stupid in front of everyone!

Jesus could have said, “It’s not worth the controversy” and just ignored their thoughts. Instead He said, “Let’s dance!” Where He could have let the Pharisee’s control the atmosphere of the room, He confronted their thoughts head on and took control! I LOVE THIS STUFF!