Ever wonder how different life and friendships would be if we could believe every word our loved ones say about us? I’ve noticed recently that I tend to sift accolades through several filters before choosing what of them I’ll actually believe about myself. Why am I so readily suspicious and doubtful about the compliments I get? Is it insecurity, shame, perhaps a splash of false humility?

The bible refers to Samuel as being a man who’s words never fell to the ground. WOW! I want that! I desire to be a person who speaks truth without fluff. I imagine with that kind of reputation people loved to hear what Samuel thought about them because they knew how measured his words would be. They must’ve known that he was only committed to speaking truth to them and not just what they wanted to hear. I have a handful of friends who’s opinion of me holds more weight than others. They’ve earned my trust by calculating their words and dedicating themselves to live and die by the truth. I hope I do the same.

I am daily getting closer to completely trusting God at His word. I don’t want to miss a single bit of my identity in Christ by allowing my earthly distrust to affect my trust in Him.

Do we truly believe all that Christ has said about us? If not, why? How different would our life be if we did? He has never given us a reason to disbelieve Him, so what of our suspicions?