When something works, do you ever find yourself trying to implement the formula? I do. Take “eating” for instance. I do it everyday. Why? Because it works. Eating gives me strength and energy to make it through the day. I don’t just eat on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… I eat everyday.

How crucial is spending time in the presence of God to the success of my day? I’d say it plays a larger role than eating and yet I often find myself going days without doing it. When I spend time that is dedicated to my Father, it literally changes everything about my day – my perspective, my productivity, my purpose, and my perseverance (hey those all begin with “P.” Weird). God is so incredibly gracious that He meets me at a moments notice even when I’ve gone several days without really engaging Him. He knows very well the benefits of my time with Him and He patiently waits for me to learn them as well. I don’t want God to be my every-other-day bread or my weekly bread. I want Him to be my daily bread.