Has anyone noticed the world beating down the doors of the church to get creative ideas?


Yeah, me neither.

I am completely sold on the fact that I serve the Original of all things original, the Creator of creativity itself. However, if my beliefs were based on what I’ve seen in Christendom I would be a firm believer that Jesus Christ has nothing to do with creativity. Harsh statement? Maybe, but let’s be honest, most of the Christian industry has cornered the market on replication by taking the world’s ideas and giving them a cute Christian twist. I’m not saying that we can’t learn and build on others ideas. I just wonder how many culture-changing ideas the Kingdom of
God has missed because we failed to tap into the Source.

I become a little nauseous when I stumble across “Christian” paraphernalia that screams, “I SERVE JESUS, WHY DON’T YOU!” I’ve yet to meet a person who had to pull over on the side of the road convicted from reading a “TGIF – Thank God I’m Forgiven” bumper sticker. Jesus’ approach to sharing the gospel was rarely predictable. He stood in a fishing boat and taught from the water. He spat in eyes, turned over tables, fed multitudes, and ate with tax collectors. He used unorthodox methods to engage His listeners and it gave them a reason to stop and listen. We live in a world that has a short attention span and thrives on media input. The creativity the world is using to reach you and me has presented us with a challenge that seems daunting… to reach the world with a creative Gospel.

It is becoming increasingly important that we leave our old approaches behind and become relevant, creative, and surprising in how we engage the unbeliever. The world has wizened up to the old Christian approach. “Tell us we’re sinners. Convince us to stop. Chaulk us up as another salvation on the belt.” If we are to reach today’s culture for Christ, then creativity can no longer be an option. It must become a priority. The idea that you are not creative is entirely untrue. You and I were both made in the image of the God of creativity which means we both got the gene.

What if we thought like children of God?

Read that question again, but a little slower.

To think that I am an actual Child of God makes me a little more accountable for my thoughts. It makes me want to give some more thought into how I approach the world.

What if we tap into some new and fresh ideas from the wealth that God has given us, and we do it for the sake of people who deserve everything we have. What if we start a “Creative Movement” birthed in the body of Christ? It’s possible.