Why did you click on this blog?

Is it because your interested in what I have to say about bookcovers?

Hmm… probably not.

I’m guessing you clicked on this because the word SEX catches eyes like a redneck in Harlem.

When I go to Barnes & Noble it’s not usually for a specific book. I like to browse. I judge books by their cover. If the cover doesn’t capture me I pass right by it. Why? Because I naturally look on the outward. When I walk into a convenience store thirsty, I’m a sucker for the most clever looking bottle. I recently went to World Market and stumbled on the water bottle to end all water bottles. It was shaped like the side of a craggy mountain. There was nothing normal about it. I didn’t take the time to see where the water came from. It could’ve been from a tap in New York City for all I knew. All that mattered to me is it was unique and it caught my attention. When the clerk rang me up she said, “That’s a cool bottle.” I said, “Yep, that’s why I bought it.” I then leaned over to Terri, who was with me, and said, “Watch how many people check out my bottle.” We had barely walked 50 yards before someone stopped me on the sidewalk to ask what I was drinking because the bottle looked different.

God said in 1 Samuel, “Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart. (Msg)” He wasn’t reprimanding men and women for their shallowness as much as He was simply stating a fact, Men see the external.

Do you go out of your way NOT to appear like the world? Do you buck the social trends to make a spiritual point? Are you a better Christian for opposing style?

If you were a water bottle, would people pass you by on the shelf? Is the cover of your book one that gives others a reason to read on?

I’m not advocating compromise, just a change in our mindsets. How are we packaging what we’re selling? The “I don’t care what people think” philosophy doesn’t work. People are the reason we are here. Paul became ALL things to ALL PEOPLE in order that he might win some. Paul didn’t expect people to flock to him because of his passion for Jesus. He went to the people where they were with relevance that turned heads.

Relevance has a way of opening the door for relationship.

Let’s work on our presentation!