There’s something about Ella on a rainy day

A mug of coffee without a place to go

“You could be happy” on 40 at dusk

With Sufjan in the cue on a mountain road

I love Manhattan with my headphones in

Where the people are actors in a video

The back porch of The Hollow with Bruiser & Ben

A beer, a bible and how life turns slow

I love the Cape Fear beneath an overcast sky

And jumping the chains to sit by the edge

McMillan & Mathis like blue with a smile

Stuck in my brain & clearing my head

I love bacon, eggs & grits for dinner

It makes me think of growing up

And all that momma did for her boys

In giving her life to show us love

I love the Fall because it’s close to December

And Christmas because God knows why

There’s a chill in the air & a smile on my face

And a beautiful silent night

I love the sun on the trees around 5 o’clock

And how life looks like a dream

When all become stunning and nothing matters

And my fears fall in between

I love the moment after I’ve given it all

And I am drained yet content with purpose

When life becomes more than just another day

And I become more than this