Show me a picture of something worth fighting for

a glimpse of passion that can move this heart.

Give me a dream that doesn’t end on the rocks

or even better, one that never ends.

You say to sing for you and I sing

until my throat is sore do I sing.

You say to dance but my legs ache

yet I dance again for your sake.

Am I here for nothing more than your entertainment

a pawn equipped only for the lesser of battles?

Am I fated to know love but only so far

and award the pain that has rattled this heart?

I could scream at you Lord

but I want to kiss you instead

you allow me to fall and yet lift up my head

you want me dead, of this I am sure

for to die in You is to ever endure.

It all sounds right when it’s read by the spirit.

It reminds me I am not here for my own.

But its the flesh in me that’ll be damned if I hear it

its the flesh telling me that I’m pitifully alone.

I am growing weary, my purpose becoming clear

it is for one thing I live and that the moment you are here.

Though ever so brief, it remains undying

when this calloused heart is left broken and crying.

Lord lengthen these moments till I find myself more

in this place that I crave and Who’s presence I adore.